Are you getting excited about seeing the Mercy Me Movie I can only Imagine?  The new movie is based on the inspiring true story of Bart Millard.  If you are unfamiliar with Bart, he is the lead singer of the music group Mercy Me.  The storyline of the movie encompasses Bart's life and the story surrounding the song I can only Imagine.  The song I can only Imagine off of the album Almost There went double platinum.  This fantastic song touched many people's lives and propelled the group Mercy Me to stardom.

The Mercy Me movie is family friendly and will surely be a hit at the box office.  It is great to see more family friendly, faith-based films appearing at our local theaters.  The buzz for this movie pretty high.  I hear everyone talking about how excited they are to see the film.  It is fantastic to see people that don't watch faith-based films get excited about this one.  Even Dave Ramsey was putting in a plug for the movie the other day on his program.

Mercy Me has always been a favorite group of mine.  As a father, it is easy to relate with Bart, on many levels.  If you have ever seen Bart speak before, he is a very humble person with a huge heart for Christ.  The Mercy Me movie will be a great opportunity to peek into the formative years of Bart's life.  Getting to know the background of your favorite songs is an awesome thing.  It is interesting to see why the artist came up with the song and how they chose the words to fit in it.  We all take something different away from a song, but it is still cool to see the original content from the artist.

The Mercy Me movie in theaters March 16th, 2018.

In addition to the Mercy Me movie, other faith-based films are set to release in 2018.  God's Not Dead 3 A Light in the Darkness is scheduled to hit theaters March 30th.  Samson was released in February. Paul, Apostle of Christ, is expected to be released March 18th.  Another faith-based movie worth mentioning is Mary Magdalene, which is set to be released on March 30th.

If you haven't seen the trailer for the Mercy Me movie, I can only Imagine, check it out below.