Gods not dead 3 will be released in theaters on Easter 2018.  I am sure that most of you have already seen the first two videos of the series produced by PureFlix.  If you are unfamiliar with PureFlix, they are a Christian movie company.  The company also has a streaming service similar to NetFlix.  I am excited about seeing the next movie in the series Gods not dead 3.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first two films.  The moves are clean entertainment for the entire family.

The story-line of this movie centers around the removal of a Church from a university campus.  The main character played by David A.R. White is the pastor of St. James Church.  In the movie, the Church is burnt to the ground.  University leaders try to remove the Church from the school campus.  The story is similar to the other films in the series following a story-line of resistance of God and a triumph at the end of the film.

Gods not dead 1 was a box office hit grossing over $60,000,000.00 in theaters.  I have a feeling that this movie will be just as successful as the last.

Gods not dead 3 movie will encourage Christians to stand firm on their convictions.

One of the main thing that I take away from a Gods not dead movie is a spiritual strength.  Each film shows the main character struggling against the world to defend their God.  This scenario should make us all evaluate how we conduct ourselves when challenged.  Do we stand firm on our convictions like the characters in these movies or do we crumble?  When I think of standing strong, I think of Matthew 10:33.

Matthew 10:33 NASB But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.

Jesus made it very clear that we are to not only to support him but to acknowledge our support verbally.  When we hide our support by being silent, we deny Jesus to others.  If we want Jesus to confess us before God, we should not be afraid to support him here on earth.

Photo courtesy teasertrailer.com