We are Followers of Christ

We believe in The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit

Welcome to GodinMe.Faith, a Christian ministry created by two followers of Christ, Shawn Graham and Kirk Taylor. We are two imperfect people who are striving to live a more Godly life. The Bible teaches us that there is only one that is “Good.” Our calling is to let you know that no matter what your past, God is always there for you if you are ready to accept Him into your life. We are here to help you with your walk. Will you join us?

Following Jesus is Not a Religion

Following Jesus is what Christianity is all about.  Religion is the formality and man-made rules that you choose to adhere to as a member of a Church.  Being a follower of Christ does not require human regulations, it only needs faith.  It seems as though too many...

Why We Are Here

GodinMe offers unique faith-based views on issues that people face in their walk with Jesus.  We use our Biblical perspective to dig deeper into challenging issues that are at the forefront of society.  Our blogs center on Biblical truths while at the same sharing our views and opinions.   We hope that you will learn and grow in your spiritual journey by seeing God's blessing in struggles that you face in your life.

You Can't Hide From Sin

You can't hide from sin; it is impossible.  No matter how hard you try, someone is always watching you.  Besides that, God is still watching you too.  Concealing sin just prolongs the inevitable.  You will get caught, and you will be exposed.  Today, our State Senate...

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Being Patient is Not Always Easy

Being patient is not one of my strong suites.  I am not an impatient person, but I just cannot stand it when someone is slow.  When someone gets in my way that is indecisive or unorganized, it drives me nuts. We went out to eat tonight at a buffet.  Buffets are great...

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Watering Down the Bible

There was not much watering down of the Bible when I was growing up.  The "grey" area, as they say, was nonexistent.  Everything I learned was laid out in black and white for me.  You were either going to heaven or hell.  It was a sin, or it wasn't.  You were breaking...

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What is a Bobble Head Christian?

When I think about the term bobble-head Christian, I visualize a person with no depth.  Imagine a bobble-head figure stuck to the dash of your car.  When you turn your wheel to the left, it turns its head with you.  If you turn your wheel to the right, it follows you...

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Little Lies Turn Into Big Problems

Little lies will catch up with you no matter how small they are.  One of the interesting things about lies is that they breed more lies.  When you don't tell the truth, it is often difficult to remember the story that you told that wasn't true.  When this happens, you...

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Romans 8:9 NASB

However, you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. But if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Him.