Have you ever thought about what you fill the voids in your life with?  When you are not filled with the holy spirit, something is going to take its place.  There is always an addiction or bad behavior that you can turn to to fill the voids in your life.  Having the holy spirit helps you cope with life's challenges.  The holy spirit also gives you a purpose in life.  When you are filled with the holy spirit, you become a light in the world.  Meaning that others can see God working in your life.

When God works in our lives, others can see our example.  The example that you show will draw attention from people that have yet committed their life to Christ.  When someone is in a dark place in their life, they fill the voids with un-Godly things.  These things can lead to bad behavior or depression.  There are so many bad things that we can focus our efforts on if we do not have the holy spirit.  This is why you see shootings as we saw in Las Vegas this weekend.  This is also why you see so many people suffering from substance abuse.  Many marriages end in divorce because one or more of the partners is not filled with the holy spirit.

We fill the voids in our life with chaos.

Just look at the world around you.  Every time you turn on your TV, you are bombarded by evil.  Murders, thieves, and violence are always surrounding us.  Take a look at your Facebook news feed.  How many of the articles or memes are uplifting? Things that don't point back to Christ, will not be good.

When our attitudes, marriages, and friendships are Christ-centered, we fill the voids during the tough times with Christ's love.  When you are equipped with the holy spirit, you react to situations differently.  Your outlook and perspective on life are different as well.  Sure there will be hard times for everyone in life even if you have the holy spirit.  What sets us apart is the power of God working in our lives to help us through these times.  Knowing this should give you comfort when you are weak.

John 14:26 NASB 26 But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you.