How often do you see Christians work together for a common goal?  Quite a bit depending on the task.  Everyone likes to work together when the activities are fun and entertaining.  Even the joint ventures between multiple Churches draw crowds of Christians.  One area where Christians do not work well together is in the field of education.

When I talk about education, I am talking about Christian schooling for our children.  Our children attend a private Christian school because we want God integrated into every aspect of our children's lives.  Our school incorporates families from over a dozen local Churches in the community.  Many of these Churches do not typically work together on projects, but some do.  There is a wide variety of Churches represented with different structures and ideas.  What makes our Christian school great is that our diverse community can become one school and educate our children by integrating the word of God into the lesson plan.

Even though our school represents many local Churches, many local Churches do not support the school.  There are many reasons why so I will name just a few.

  • We are supposed to go out into the world and share the Gospel.  Going to a Christian school shelters children and keeps them from accomplishing this task.
  • If children in our Church attend your school, parents will take their donation money to your school instead of Church.
  • We have many public school teachers that attend our Church, and it would offend them if we supported private education.
  • Our Church only supports missions that are done in other countries, so we cannot support our local school.

Christians work together but not for private education.

I gave you some excuses why Christians work together minimally for private education.  If there is a need in a local community to reach un-believers, then why would we keep sending our resources away?  Why would Churches be so self-centered to think that money is more important than supporting a mission?  Would you rather not offend anyone then to reach a young child with the word of God?

If we don't support our local mission field then what good are our local Churches?  To train up the next generation of Christ-followers, don't you think that there should be adequate training first?  How can you possibly expect Children to effectively share the Gospel in the secular society that we live in?  You must first teach children the Gospel before they can be expected to share it.  Even Jesus did not expect his disciples to go out and share the Gospel to the world without some training.  It seems that we are losing the battle against Satan because we are afraid to train up Biblical warriors.

We can make all of the excuses we want for the decline in our society.  What it comes down to is Biblical knowledge and a passion for Christ.  If your children do not have both, they cannot adequately share the Gospel with others.  Private Christian educations is a way to continue training your child when they are not at home or in Church.

Proverbs 22:6 NASB Train up a child [a]in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.