I am sure that if you are a regular Church attender, you have heard of being a witness.  What does being a witness entail?  Some of us are very uncomfortable in fact.  It is a hard thing to do for a lot of people.  To some people, being a witness comes naturally.  The person that you are witnessing to and our relationship with them also plays an important role.

So what does being a witness actually mean?  As Christ followers we are directed to share the good news of Jesus.  Believe it or not, there are still people out there that have not heard about Jesus.  I am not even talking about remote areas of the world.  There are people in your life that have never heard about Jesus.  They could be your neighbors, friends at work or even family members.

How do we start being a witness to people in our lives?

Everyone has a different approach to being a witness.  Some people are bold, while others are much more passive.  There is no rule book for how we are supposed to tell others about the word of God.  Only that we are supposed to go into the world and tell everyone.

Mark 16:15 “And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.”

Everyone needs to hear about Jesus.  They need to know that there is hope for their life and that there is someone that cares about them.  We must share the gift with others that was given to us.

I am a fairly passive person and it is not easy to approach others in a bold way.  I focus on engaging the person in conversation in a non confrontational way.  As the conversation develops God always gives me an opportunity to share his word with them.  Every situation is different and every time I bring up God, it is in a different context.  Witnessing to people does not have to be overthought.  God will give you the words when it is appropriate.  We are merely a tool to sew the seed in this person.  It is Gods job to grow within them.

Don't be afraid, be bold.  You may be the only chance this person has of hearing about God.