How many times do we judge others in a day, while saying we are not judging? We don’t have to mouth the judgement, we only need have the thought and we have judged others.  Thinking otherwise is only proving that we are in denial of the truth.

We judge others when we reference a Bible verse when condemning the actions of another human being. And yet, the only judgement that truly matters is God’s judgement. Why do we think we can read scripture and reference to actions of those who we believe are sinning? Who are we to judge?

Judgement towards others happens when we disagree with their thoughts and actions. Many Christians use Scripture to support their judgment. And, they are likely to say that they are not judging, but stating God’s word.

Obviously, anyone is able to use scripture to render judgment on man because we can’t help but sin. Jesus Christ died on the cross to forgive us of our sins. God sent Jesus because it is impossible for man not to commit sin.

We commit sin when we judge others

One of the easiest ways to commit sin is to render judgement on others. Just when I thought I don’t judge others, I realize that I do make judgements. I don’t have to say it, even the thought counts.

Romans 8 tells us that there is no condemnation for those who belong to Jesus Christ. The Spirit frees you to live from the power of sin. The Holy Spirit gives us the ability to keep from doing sinful deeds.

Judging others keeps us from living in the Holy Spirit. We are living in sin, but when we avoid judgement of others, we instead focus on development of our relationship with God.

Think twice the next time you say, “I’m not judging.” You likely are rendering judgement!