Wearing your faith on your sleeve opens you to judgment and rejection. Non-believers will show disdain, while some believers will tell you that you should not expose yourself, to protect yourself.

I am guilty of suggesting my friend not wear her faith on her sleeve. I am fortunate that she denied my request, holding strong in her conviction. And, here I am, professing my faith because she showed me the way to Christ.

Yes, I believed before, but I lacked the relationship that I am developing with God today. I refuse to squelch my voice and will profess my belief in public at every chance I get.

And, I quickly experienced judgment and rejection from non-believers upon making the conviction to read my Bible cover-to-cover, and to participate in Church.

I could have denied Jesus, as Peter did, but I choose otherwise. I am not judging Peter for fulfilling the scripture; I am choosing not to reject Jesus.

“And tell him, ‘God blesses those who do not turn away because of me.” – Matthew 11:6

Each day, I find myself living better, as I share my belief. He is strengthening my confidence, and teaching me to trust in him.

Wearing your faith on your sleeve – Judging

You would think that wearing my faith on my sleeve means that I am judging people who choose not to express their faith, or more importantly, don't believe. I don't judge them, even when they are judging me. Who am I to look down upon anyone? The only judgment that matters is the judgment of our Creator, and that is God.

Many will come to you when you wear your faith on your sleeve. They will seek you out as they work to strengthen their faith.

Others will come to you with unique struggles of their own, and you'll find joy in leading them to put in their heart, what is in your heart.