How blessed we are when we turn to God in everything we do? What if we let him take control, complete control of our life? Maybe you do let him have total control, but how quick are you to take control back?

Those are all questions facing Christians daily. Some of us do turn to God in everything we do, but most of us are control freaks.

And, we are more challenged as we get closer to God. Our free-will works against us, as we think we've got this under control. But, I get worried when I start to feel I have my life under control. I know that I need to step back and start praying, asking for guidance.

I'm even starting to think that we need God more when life is going right than we do when it is going wrong. After all, we are willing to seek God when life is tough, but we think we don't need help when life is good. That's when we need to watch out, as it doesn't take long for trouble to come our way.

Do you believe there is ever a time when we don't need God in our life? Me neither, but I have to ask myself why I don't keep Him in my life at all times? Think about it, do you keep God in your life at all times? Probably not, especially if your life is going smoothly.

Problems? Turn to God in everything we do

We face so many challenges, and yet we try to solve them on our own. We come up with solutions to complicated problems, but how often do you start in prayer? How much easier will our answers come to us if we start in prayer?

Our truth is we don't turn to God in everything we do. We think we can handle it, but do we take care of it? Or is God controlling it for us, even when we believe we're the ones pulling all the strings? Why not give credit, where credit is deserved?

I know that every solution is easier when I turn to God for guidance. Burden's become blessings as we learn from our challenges. Why not allow God to be our solution for everything?