I am sure that everyone who is reading this knows what a stress filled life looks like.  Today it is more common to be stressed out than to live a stress-free life.  Some of us wouldn't know what do to if we didn't have stress controlling our lives.  Many of us stress about the kids, your job, lack of a career, health, finances, family, in-laws, and outlaws.  Everything in our life can be stressful if we let it be.  Stress is a choice we make as humans.

We either accept the situation or reject it.  Accepting situations does not mean that you are happy with the outcome.  Rejecting a situation out of our control is what leads to stress.  There are ways to manage our stress, and it starts with letting God take control.  How we handle our stress tells a lot about trust God.  Trusting God is different than believing in him or being a follower.  Trusting God is the ultimate connection in our spiritual walk.

When we stress, it shows a lack of trust in God.  If we fully trust God, we will accept the path he lays before us.  Sometimes our minds cannot grasp that God is using us for his Kingdom.  Other times the outcome we see may lead us to think that he isn't watching out for us.  I for one have learned the hard way over and over to trust God.  Does this mean that I do not have stress in my life?  Of course, it doesn't.  It is human nature to over-react to situations and look for solutions on our own.  Understanding stress will minimize these situations and help us bring our problems before God.

Having a stress filled life does nothing for you.

Stress is a great way to take your focus off of what is important in your life.  When we stress out about one thing, it causes us to lose focus on another.  Then we start focusing on the next thing, and we start stressing out about something else.  Before you know it, your life is in complete chaos, and you can't get ahead.

One of the best ways to unwind a tangled mess of stress is through prayer.  Instead of praying for your problems to be resolved in your time, and by your criteria, consider leaving everything up to God.  The more you can back off the control and give it to God the better.  God had a solution for your situation before you were created.  Living a stress filled life doesn't get you anywhere.  I have never heard a single person tell me that stressing out about a situation helped them conquer it.  Stress is overcome by giving your circumstances to God.  In that alone should provide you with peace.

John 14:1 NASB “Do not let your heart be troubled; [a]believe in God, believe also in Me