A slip of the tongue seems to always getting me into trouble. I say things, sarcastically that may rub people the wrong way when I could say something nice instead.

I suppose that the sarcasm is a way for me to say something without being taken too seriously, as I might be afraid of having serious conversations?

Ultimately, my sarcasm is unflattering, and I would be better off not using it at all. I would rather be known as someone who is with kind words at all time, and yet these comments occasionally slip.

What do we do when we challenged with a problem such as mine? Time to turn to prayer, ask for forgiveness, and to apologize when I slip up. Immediate awareness will cause me to acknowledge it, and then hopefully result in it happening less.

Sarcasm makes me vulnerable in ways I don't need. I don't feel good after I have let my tongue slip. I would rather be known as friendly and polite.

A slip of the tongue – Sarcasm

The thing about letting your tongue slip, using sarcasm is that it does no good for anyone. We still do it; I still let my tongue roll out of control.

The book of James chapter 3 talks about a slip of the tongue. How we create an out of control fire with just a few words.

He compares our words to that of a small rudder on a large ship, how it can control the direction the ship sails. A few words control the path we follow in life.

“And a small rudder makes a huge ship turn wherever the pilot chooses to go, even though the winds are strong.” James 3:4 NLT

How my words control the direction of my life. They have left me without what I want most, driven by fear of what might happen, leaving me never knowing what I am missing.

That is my past, and I make mistakes still today, the good news is controlling my tongue gives me new opportunity to change my ways going forward.

I am so glad I am aware of my mistakes. Even a fire will eventually go out.

Reading through James 3:1-12 is a wake-up call for me, and hopefully for others. A slip of the tongue makes for a very dangerous tool.

James talks about using our words for good, and my lesson on James invites me to write a letter of encouragement for someone who needs it.

How about I take that assignment to another level. I will find two others who need encouragement for every time I might say something that could be a slip of the tongue. I know that won't make up for my errors, it will, however, give me another opportunity to change my ways.