Second chances are tough to get and are even harder to give. Nobody wants to rely on a person that has failed us, and yet we have all failed something or someone.

Asking for a second chance comes with even more responsibility as you have to convince that person that you know why the failure happened, and that there is a plan to ensure it won't happen again.

Giving a second chance requires you to put even more faith in the person than you did the first time. Have they learned their lesson, and will they let you down again?

Some people want us to fail, and they don't want to give a second chance. They have alternative motives which impede your ability to succeed. Satan is at work, wanting to stop us and corrupt those that would otherwise be our allies.

Maybe you have hurt someone by your actions or words unintentionally. Recovery is hard, especially when you met no harm to them in the first place. Situations like this necessitate going the extra mile to earn a second chance with the person.

Second Chances are easier when we have an ally to stand with us.

Saul needed Barnabas to stand with him, and convince other believers that he indeed is now a believer as told in Acts 9:26-27.

Thankfully, God will give us second chances as he knows a man is flawed, and we need those to do his will. We need to rely on him for our second chances and rely less on humans to give us the benefit of the doubt.

It is with God that we will take actions that will become noticeable to those who we need to impact the most. Better to let Him help us through action rather than words from others.

Still, we need people who believe in us. Sometimes it is the most innocent that are the best people to believe in our abilities, like our children.

“Everyone needs someone who believes in them” – Acts 11:24 NLT