A few years ago, actor Ian McKellen became known for ripping up the Bible in hotel rooms. He specifically targets scripture that addresses homosexuality. He targets Leviticus 18:22 because he does not believe it is proper to have it by the bedside.

Condon on ripping up the Bible in hotel rooms

Now, we have another Hollywood celebrity who is doing the same. Director Bill Condon, who claims he is doing the same but says Bible is not in hotel rooms.

Condon is the director for the modified version of Disney's “Beauty and the Beast.” Condon, who is openly gay, is introducing(in his words) Disney's first “exclusively gay moment.”

Actions like those taken by McKellen, and Condon, as well as Disney, are how boycotts develop. It seems they are happening more than ever, no matter what your position on political and social issues.

I admit the gay reference in the movie bothers me less than McKellen's and Condon's destruction of private property. How arrogant are they to take it upon themselves to destroy property that does not belong to them, and to gloat about it publicly?

Ripping up the Bible is offensive to God and Christians

But, even more importantly, is the destruction of the Bible, which is offensive to Christians, and more importantly, God. They are trying to change what the Bible says and to eliminate the truth. Keep in mind, that there are several other lines of scripture in and around that specifically represent laws of the times in the Old Testament.

Vandals such as Condon and McKellen believe that they are making a difference by destroying the Bible, but their mission is impossible, as the Bible is by far the most published book ever. There is no way that they will be able to change the scripture.

And, keep in mind, as I write this, I am not addressing their sexuality, but only pointing out how they address themselves. Stay focused on the destruction of the Bible, because that is the real issue of this post. As far as their sexuality, it is not for me to judge them, or anyone else.

In closing, we won't be going to watch the new release of “Beauty and the Beast.” We will instead watch the original version of the show.