Sometimes it is almost an impossible task, to resolve a conflict that is.  My last two blog posts centered around love and respect.  My purpose in writing the two previous blogs was to tie into this blog.  I wanted to share a great marriage ministry with you.  The ministry is called love & respect, and it is taught by Dr. Emerson and his wife, Sarah Eggerichs.

My wife and I took a marriage enrichment class featuring the video series produced by love & respect.  Let me say, it was very eye-opening and interesting, to say the least.  It put a lot of marriage issues into perspective in a Biblical way.  It shows how to resolve conflict in your marriage by understanding your partner.

The world today had tried to re-define roles in marriage.  It twists and turns what a marriage is.  This series takes a closer look at what the Bible says the role of the man is and what the role of the woman is.  It bridges the gap between the two and defines the role of what a married couple should look like Biblically.

Why do you think divorce rates in America are at an all-time high?  More than likely it has to do with societal changes and lack of understanding your partner.

How to resolve a conflict by following the Bible.

Romans 12:10 “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.”

Until I watched this series, I didn't understand my wife's thought process.  When we try to resolve conflict, we instantly refer to how we want to be treated.  Men wanted to be treated with respect and women want to be loved.  Not saying that these two things cannot cross over, but most of the time it fits.

It is hard as a man to understand a woman and vise versa.  Men and women are wired completely different.  We approach problem-solving in a different way.  Different trigger points empower our emotions.  We resolve conflict in our marriage differently.

When we understand the other person's trigger points, only then can we properly resolve a conflict.

If you are new to marriage or just want to understand your partner better, look into the love & respect ministry.  If you are struggling with your marriage love & respect can help you as well.  Not only will you be pleasantly entertained and captivated, but you will improve your marriage.