The journey to recover from sin is life long.  Since we are sinners, we will continue to sin for the rest of our lives.  The good news is that Jesus died for us so that our sins could be forgiven.  The recovery from our sin becomes instant as soon as we ask for forgiveness.

How long does it take to recover from sin in our life emotionally?  It depends on how soon we let go of the sin.  As soon as we ask Jesus for forgiveness, we are instantly forgiven.  Sometimes we chain ourselves down when we don't need to.

Forgiveness of sin does not remove us from the consequences of our sinful actions.  Since we live on earth, we are bound to earthly accountability for our actions.  This is why a murderer can be forgiven of his sins by Jesus but yet punished by man.  A thief can be forgiven by Jesus yet sent to prison by man.

We are not exempt from our actions because we are followers of Christ.  We are still bound to this world until we enter the gates of heaven.  When we recover from sin, it does not have to be bad at all.  An alcoholic can live life sober from addiction.  The chains of sin will be removed, and we are free to live a life for Christ.

Recover from sin by following Christ.

Jesus is the only one that can forgive you for your sins.  No man can forgive you for your sins because he is not the one whom you have sinned against.  A priest cannot help you bypass judgment from our God by praying you out of your sin.  They also do not have the authority from God to forgive you.  God only gave one person the power to forgive sins and his name is Jesus.

No matter how much money you pay someone or how much they pray for you, they can never detach you from your sin.  God sent his one and only son to die so that you would have a path to heaven.  No other person can or will ever be able to do what Jesus can.

John 14:6 NASB “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”