I often ask God, “When will I be ready for a relationship?” This question might seem strange, but I haven't been in a relationship with anyone in the past four years. Not only have I not been in a relationship, but the last person I dated is also my ex-wife.

My focus is on getting myself right before I am ready for a relationship. But, am I making a mistake? If I spend all this time preparing, I might be missing out on the journey with a woman I would want in my life. Besides, when I am ever going to be ready?

Divorce is not an option after having gone through three of them already. I have to get this right and with the right woman. She needs to be as committed as I am to having the relationship of a lifetime.

Ready for a relationship – Do I wait?

Do I continue to wait, or if she suddenly appears, do I stop sabotaging the opportunity to be with a woman that would make me complete? And, do I need to date before meeting the right lady? After all, my courting skills are lacking as I have not used them for so long.

The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” – Genesis 2:18

There is a long way to go before I am the best kind of man I need to be the best for the right woman I want in my life. Even if I hit my best, I still question if that will be good enough for her? I'm not very confident in myself at this point.

Worrying about finding a woman that will be as committed is a major concern as well. Will there be someone who will complete me? Is there someone who can complete me? I hope there is, but again, she will be a very special lady who is Christ-focused.

Obviously, the only one who knows when I will be ready for a relationship is God himself. I am at his mercy to decide if and when He will bless me with her. Until then, I will keep working, bettering myself and hoping that I will know when the right person is in front of me.