how can pride encourage diversity?  Consider that pride is the deep satisfaction of one's personal achievements. Meaning that you are isolating yourself from others to take credit. Pride is singular and divisive, not inclusive. On the other hand, diversity is meant to come from or composed of different elements. We come from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.

Then, how can pride encourage diversity?

The original intent of this article is to discuss pridefulness that keeps us from accepting help when needed most. How we alienate others who see things differently, to stand by our principals.

But, when I searched “pride” in Google, I found LBGT Pride front and center. How can you focus on showing pride, and at the same time claim diversity? That seams like a contradiction, right?

Schools preach diversity, but want their students to have pride in their identity. How is that not confusing for students?

Politicians demand diversity, but shun you for having a different viewpoint based on party affiliation. How is that diversity?

Mixing pride and diversity cause an escalation as they are conflicting in nature. Pride is singular, and diversity is inclusive.

Are we intending to cause escalation and division by mixing conflicting ideas together? Where is the unity and peace for everyone to achieve happiness and joy?

As Christians, we take pride in our church and our faith. Our calling is to go out and share the good news. We are not to judge others, but we do. We believe we are accepting of others, but we are prideful of our views instead.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. – Mathew 5:3 NRSV

I can personally think of many prideful moments in the last week alone in which pride kept me from pleasing God. This from a person who has a very diverse background.

Christianity is not an exclusive group. We are an inclusive group. Where else are you able to come and accept Jesus into your heart as your savior and be saved no matter what you have done in the past?

How about that for being inclusive? And we get to leave our pride behind allowing us to find peace, happiness, and joy!