Most people who think that pride has to do with boasting about your accomplishments. But, there is another type of pride that impacted my life.

It's also prideful to downplay your accomplishments, and in my case, emphasizing my failures. Pride destroyed me over several years, and I couldn't figure out why. Occasionally, pride would come into conversations that would describe me, but it never phased me because it didn't describe me in my mind.

Yes, being prideful is something we use to justify who we are when we are trying to accept ourselves. And yes, there is real pride, but then there is the negative kind.

Pride cost me almost everything including extreme financial hardship, a divorce and has kept me from a willingness to have a relationship with anyone.

Prideful thinking forces you into survival mode and prevents you from thriving. You dread the thought of someone helping you because you don't think you are worthy of help.

Pride can be lonely and destructive

Pride can be lonely and destructive as you ride the roller coaster of life. You go from extreme highs to the lowest of lows all in a matter of a few hours.

That's why this recent revelation is so important to my future. And, I've managed to relax at least a little, even cracking a few smiles.

You have been deceived by your own pride. – Obadiah 1:3 NLT

It's okay to accept the failures without having to justify them. And, I can embrace successes without having to justify them as well.

I am learning to live poorly in spirit so that I will rely on God to help me navigate. And, when he sends me a life raft I know not to deny it.

Yes, we all need help, and isolation is not the answer. I need help, and encouragement to brighten and strengthen my day. We all do.

It's okay to admit we are struggling and need help. I am even admitting that I am unsure of the best direction to follow, and suddenly opportunity is beginning to knock on my door.

I must admit, life is easier when you recognize your problems and accept that you don't have an answer for them. It might be a realization that it is time to shift gears and go in a different direction?

Yes, God's direction.