You have a pregnant girlfriend, and she decides to have an abortion. She's on her way to the clinic, so you chase after her. You'll do anything to keep a child from becoming an abortion statistic.

You arrive at the abortion clinic, and your pregnant girlfriend is still sitting in the waiting room. You say, “don't have an abortion, marry me instead.”

She says, “Yes.” Next, you her parents that she is pregnant and you're getting married!

First fight with pregnant girlfriend on wedding night

You've never had a fight with your pregnant girlfriend until your wedding night. She is stressed out, knowing she has a secret she's keeping from you.

Several months later, you're at the hospital for the arrival of your baby daughter. You picked the name for her, and are the first person to hold her in your arms. She is your little girl.

The relationship with your wife is constantly trying, as she is always agitated. She's leaving anytime she can to go out with her friends, leaving you with your daughter.

You don't mind because you love your child, and she's clearly attached to you. It happens when you are the primary caretaker, while the other person is passive.

The relationship between spouses continues to deteriorate. Your wife is a stay-at-home mom, but she wants to be out and free instead of tending to her responsibilities. She makes unreasonable and controlling demands until finally, you've had enough.

She makes demands, asking you to bring her favorite food home when you are at work. It happens over and over, when finally you say, fine, just go. She calls her mother and leaves, saying she's not coming back. So petty, but you decide to cave, only to find her leaving when you get there.

You tell her that if she walks out the door over something so petty, the relationship is over. You are no longer going to let her manipulate you anymore.

She leaves, and files for divorce. Your wife makes false accusations seeking sympathy from her parents and others.

She accuses you of following her everywhere you go, going so far as to filing a restraining order with the courts, but the story changes when the parties meet in the courthouse.

Guilty Feelings of a Pregnant Girlfriend

It turns out that she is the one who is following you everywhere you go and is harassing you. Your attorney gets her to admit it and that you've done nothing wrong, to the embarrassment of her family and attorney. The judge orders a restraining order in your favor against her.

Finally, you're getting some relief, and even proper visitation with the child, as the court learns, she wasn't allowing you to see your daughter.

At this point, you think, “I hope this divorce goes fast and we can put this behind us.” But, a former friend of your wife contacts you asking to meet with you. You agree.

Her ex-friend tells me to get paternity tests done. This is quite a shock, but I inform my lawyer who files a request which is approved by the court.

The results come back to you about a month or so later (The are directed towards you, not your spouse giving you time to digest the results).

It turns out that you are not the biological father of your child.

You now have to take the time to let go of a child you have called your own for two years. A child you named, and you held before anyone other than the doctor who delivered her.

Then, the court releases the paternity results, and your ex-wife denies visitation. The divorce is instantly over, and life goes on. You often think of the daughter you knew for the first two years of her life.

If my pregnant girlfriend told the truth

What if your pregnant girlfriend would have told the truth in the first place? I would have still married her and been a daddy to that lovely little girl.

There would have been no secret, and maybe no guilt on her part, possibly changing the events of our marriage, and we could have been a happy, loving family. But, that's not how life worked out.

I hope that that little girl knows, how much love she had when she was born. Even more, I hope she found somebody to raise her and love her as much as I did those first two years of her life.

Joseph stepped away when Mary, his fiance became pregnant by the Holy Spirit, despite being a virgin. And, when an Angel came telling him to take Mary as his wife, he did so, refraining from sexual relations until after Jesus was born.

Obviously, neither of us were virgins. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been any questions as to paternity in our relationship, but I believe I would have done the same, and offered my hand anyway.

What if we had God in our life when all this happened? Would we have stayed together if we would pray together? I think so.