Using the power of prayer is a gift that God has given to all of us, so why is it that the prayers of some are stronger than mine or yours?

I feel my prayers are not as powerful as some others who I know, so I rely on them to pray for me. Should I be relying on my prayer power instead?

Do you think that the strength of your belief in God has something to do with the strength of your prayers?

We are supposed to start by thanking God before we ask Him for something to help us. We think we don't deserve to ask shying away instead, as though God doesn't already know what we want from Him.

James 5:13 Are any of you suffering hardships? You should pray. Are any of you happy? You should sing praises.
Remember, God already knows what we will do, and what is in our heart and mind. So why hide anything from him because he already knows.

The Power of Prayer is enhanced in His house.

In my opinion, the power of prayer is enhanced by our desire to come into His house. So, we should pray for what we need, and even what we want. But, starting off with a thank you is showing respect to God.

Having faith is a sure way to have God answer your prayers with what you need.

Having others leverage the Power of Prayer for you strengthens the prayer, or at least it does in my case.

At the same time, use your power of prayer to make what you want to happen. Enjoy the journey.

I always lead in with Thanking God for whatever he blesses me with during that day.

Thank him, and then ask him for what you need in prayer. That doesn't mean that God will deliver what you want, but it does mean that God will be there for you to provide what you need.