How does a positive attitude impact your faith development? Many Christians believe that development of their faith requires that they project a positive attitude to all around them.

People like Pastor John MacArthur, attack other Christian practices going so far as to call them demonic.

Far be it from me to criticize MacArthur on his position. But I won't shy away from MacArthur mocking other preachers on the pulpit. He even causes his congregation to laugh and look down on their brothers and sisters.

I do appreciate those Christians who have a positive attitude and are uplifting. People like Joel Osteen who has one of the biggest captive audiences. Someone who Macarthur mocks and claims Satan is working through his words.

It is Osteen's positive message that kept me with Christ at a tough time, and while I don't follow him, he is a part of what led me to develop my faith.

MacArthur would never have brought me to build a stronger relationship with Christ. If anything, he would have pushed me away. Thankfully I did not know who he was at a vulnerable time.

The person that he says is leading people down the wrong path shared the words of finding a strong Bible-based church, which I have.

Still, I do find it interesting to listen to John MacArthur as he is a scholar of the Bible. Fortunately, I can take his words and use them to dig deeper, coming up with an understanding that makes sense for me.

The Positive Attitude of many Christians

I do appreciate the positive attitude of many Christians, and I do need their influence in my life. But, I also appreciate the rawness of a message that is not afraid to talk about the struggles found in the Bible. The truth of the word is what is helping me to accept myself, and working towards becoming more godly in my daily walk.

Is John MacArthur right about preachers like Joel Osteen? Do prosperity preachers have God on their side?

Those questions are not for me to answer, or for me to judge. That is for them when they have their judgment day. Better for me to appreciate what each has to offer as I develop my faith.