As Christians, we are called to place God first in our life. But, how many of us do this, and do it consistently? How can we put God first in our life all the time?

On occasion, I look at the dating sites because I am single. Divorce and kids are consistents for my age group. Keep in mind; I focus only on Christian women.

Something significant stands out in almost every profile I see. The woman will write “My kids come first,” which immediately causes a step back.

Remember, these are Christian profiles. Why would they not put God first?

Do we fail at placing God first in our life all the time?

Even the strongest of Christians fail to place God first all of the time. Who are we to fault them for saying, “my kids come first?” But, the one who does say, “God comes first” is someone who is sure to attract attention from Christian men.

Some people require deep consideration to placing God before your spouse and children. Non-believers find this unimaginable to do such a thing.

But, it is hard to judge a believer who makes the commitment to put God before all others, as their character is strong in all parts of their life.

A previous post by Shawn Graham asks us if we “try to please others before God?” My response to that question is, yes, all of us are guilty.

What's the difference between putting others first, and putting God first in our life?

God, unlike others, has unconditional love for all of us, regardless of what we do. No matter how many times we mess up, we can always come back to God.

Why put God first in your life when Christians have harmed me?

Before you point to a church, Christian, or even a pastor that wronged you, consider that We as Christians are not God. We are followers of Christ.

The church is made up of Christians, who are humans and make mistakes. Some, do not use the Holy Spirit inside of them and allow Satan to do evil deeds.

Your relationship with God is direct. We use our Christian brothers and sisters to help us develop our relationship with God, and some of them do bad things.

Putting your faith in a Church, another Christian, or Pastor is not what God wants for you. He wants you to put your confidence in him, and to trust him.

Putting God first in your life will give you the strength to handle any hardship that comes your way. No matter what Satan brings to tear you away.

“in all your ways submit to him,  and he will make your paths straight” – Proverbs 3:6 NIV

It gets easier to put God first in our life

The more you know God, the stronger the relationship, the easier it becomes to put God first in your life. Reading the Bible, joining other believers and finding a pastor who accepts that we are all broken will help you build your relationship.

But, the ultimate relationship with God happens when you learn to trust God, no matter what. When you turn all of your burdens, struggle and needs over to Him. He will show you the way when you are open to what He is offering.

And, Jesus is there for us, as He died for our sins, giving you a fresh start, no matter how many times we fail.

I hope you wil let God work in your life as He is working in mine.