Have you heard of the trend pay it forward?  The idea is to be generous and kind to other people.  One of the things that people do to pay it forward is to pay for the person's order that is in line behind you.  The small gift of a free cup of coffee or sandwich can get someones attention in a good way.  People get caught off guard by the generosity because it is something that is unusual to see in our culture.  Secondly, it makes the person feel good because someone showed kindness towards them.

As Christians, do we ever pay it forward with the Gospel?  You know that I am talking about the elephant in the room.  One of the hardest tasks for a lot of Christians is sharing the gospel with others.  Since you are a Christian, you have heard the gospel from someone else. That person or person's passed on the gift that they received on to you.  If you think about when you became saved, you can almost track it back to someone.  For me, my moment was my Grandmother's.  They always made a strong effort to pay it forward with the Gospel.

Everything that happened in their lives and every person they met, they made a point to share the Gospel with them.  Their soul was so filled with the Holy Spirit that it came abundantly pouring out.  These examples make me take a step back sometimes and evaluate whether or not I am paying it forward to others.

How to pay it forward.

There are many ways to pay it forward when it comes to sharing the Gospel.  Just imagine our job as Christians as sowing the seed.  When we plant the seed of Jesus in the mind of someone, God will do the work of growing and nurturing the seed that we planted.  You might be wondering why doesn't God just make people follow him.  We are given free will.  God created us to worship him, and he gave us free will to choose not to.  He wants us to desire him and honor him.  Once we cross the line of faith, it is our job to help others do the same.  Since everyone has free will, no one can be forced into worshiping God.  We can only share the good news and let the individual decide for themselves whether or not they want to dedicate their life to Christ.

Revelation 3:20 NASB Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.