Being a believer and having the Holy Spirit take over your life are two very different experiences. I have been a believer, but now I know what it is like to have the Holy Spirit take over my life.

It happened last week, I felt it coming, but the overwhelming experience appeared in an instant and is residing inside of me.

The Holy Spirit works inside of us as believers, but it does not dominate who we are until we allow it to engulf every moment of life.

Will the Holy Spirit continue to dominate everything you do when it arrives?

That depends on what path you choose to follow. God gives us Free Will. What we do with that determines our direction. God knows what our decisions will be before we do, but we make those decisions.

We have many options such as making our decisions without outside influence, allowing Satan to take hold and do his evil deeds, we could let other people manipulate our choices, or we could speak to God through the Holy Spirit inside of us and walk the right path every time.

Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. – Romans 8:26 ESV

The overwhelming Holy Spirit will not instantly take over who we are until we prepare to fully receive him. Welcome the Holy Spirit by beingĀ a committed follower, not just a fan.

Satan's strength diminishes when the Holy Spirit takes hold

Satan strengthened his offense as I began seeking Christ in everything I do. Satan attacks everyone, even Jesus when God sent him into the desert for forty days and forty nights. We have to tell Satan to stay away from us.

Tell him to leave out load. Say, “Satan, go away!” Keep telling him to disappear as many times as you need.

Suddenly, you will begin to find the Holy Spirit taking hold as you fight Satan off. You'll struggle with Satan less until you break him from hurting you.

Your pain will turn to joy in the same environment. Pain turns to happiness as you know the blessings are coming your way.

Then you are overcome by the Holy Spirit in every moment of your life! What a blessing it is.