Outsourcing has become prevalent in our society as we look for ways to do things faster and more efficiently.  Jobs are always being sent overseas for someone else to do instead of right here in our own Country.  Sometimes is makes sense as a business to outsource jobs to another person.  You can reduce your burden and streamline your operation.

Have you ever thought of outsourcing your job as a Christian?  Wouldn't that be a convenient thing to do?  We could have the Church reach out to nonbelievers so that way we don't have to talk to anyone.  Doing this would make it so much easier for us.  We wouldn't have to witness to people or share the gospel.  The Church could do that for us.

How about if we give some money to feed the poor.  That is a very good idea, we could throw a hundred bucks to a charity to feed some poor soul that we would never have to deal with.  Our money could help them out and we could still have time to enjoy our hobbies.

Do you ever find yourself outsourcing your job?

When Jesus called us to go out in the world and tell everyone about the good news, he didn't say make sure that you have someone else do it for you.  Will you have an answer for God someday when he asks you why did you not go out into the world, but outsource your job to someone else?

Mark 16:15 NASB “And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

When we outsource something to others, it is never done as good as if we did it ourselves.  There is no way to actually outsource your job as a Christian.  Outsourcing is not a Biblical practice.  The reason why we should not be passing along our duty to others is that Jesus did not want us to.  He wanted us to share the gospel with our neighbors.  He wanted us to share the gospel everywhere.  Whether we are at the store or our children's school, no place should be left to outsourcing.

Churches cannot take the place of individual interaction with nonbelievers.

Our personal contact and the relationships that we build with others is what helps people be engaged.  Your Church cannot ever reach people like you can by sharing the gospel.  It is impossible.  Churches are the pep rally for our souls, and we are the call to action.  Our Churches can help lead us and motivate us to reach others.  Churches cannot be us because we are the Church.  Our collection of souls is what makes a Church a Church.

When we rely on the Church to do our work, we are pushing our job off on others.  It is always easier for someone else to do what we don't want to do or are afraid to do.  Being afraid to spread the gospel is a lack of trust in who God is.  If we believe him for our salvation, then why do we shy away from doing what he directly tells us to do?  By outsourcing our job, we are disobedient Christians.