Organizing your life is sometimes hard to do.  Chaotic schedules with work, family, chores, friends, and hobbies consume a lot of our time.  It seems like everyone is trying to squeeze one more thing into their already busy schedule.  When you stop and think about what consumes your day, where does God fit in?

Today I was organizing the shop at work.  I have owned the property for a little over three years.  In that short amount of time, my employees completely trashed and disorganized my shop.  Every spring we do a cleaning to get every thing organized again.  It seems that only a month into the season, our shop is back in the same condition that it was when we started a month before.  I admit some of the problem lies with myself because I have a hard time getting people to pick up after themselves.

Mysteriously everything is made a mess, and no one knows how the mess got there.  Tired of being a parent to my workers, I quit picking up after them.  When I do this, their clutter and disorganization begin to run ramped again.  I do not have a business where I have the luxury of baby sitting my workers.  We do our work out in the field, so employees are always coming and going at the shop.

Organizing your life is challenging when outside influences fight for your time.

One of my favorite shows on TV is called The Profit.  The show features entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis as a business investor.  Lemonis comes into struggling companies and turns them around by implementing his process for the organization.  Broken systems that waste time, energy and money are abandoned, and a new process is implemented.

When I think of organizing your life, I think of The Profit.  Some of my processes are broken, and my employees do not follow the processes that are put into place.  So how you ask, what does a TV show, an unorganized business, and God have in common?  Process and organization of course.

Time for a change.

When your life in chaos, it was difficult to make time for God.  The small segment of your life set aside for Bible study or prayer ends up being consumed with worldly things.  When you organize your life, things change.  Instead of giving God what is left at the end of the day, we need to organize our life so that he is first.  Not only first, but present all day long.  I am assuming that some of you are reading this don't set aside time for God other than the occasional prayer and Church on Sunday.

This isn't the got you moment, but merely an eye opener.  Just think about life like this.  Imagine that we are put on this earth for one purpose, and that is to serve and worship God.  Everything that we do that gets in the way of that purpose is drawing us away from God.  I am not saying that we cannot be acting as Biblical stewards while living our life.  That is my point though.  How many of us use the activities that we fill our day with to glorify God?

What should your purpose be?

Think about your day and look back to see what you did to further God's Kingdom.  If you are struggling to find a purpose to your day, then you may want to organize your life to serve his Kingdom better.  Every day is full of opportunities to show your light to the world.  Don't lose sight of your purpose.  Keep God in at the front of your mind and the Holy Spirit inside you as you live your day.

Matthew 6:33 NASB But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.