Sometimes it seems that life offers one bad thing after another.  Just when you think that life can't get any worse, it does.  I was talking with an employee this morning and the topic came up.  My employee is scheduled for shoulder surgery next week.  He has been stressing out in anticipation of the surgery.  He always says my life is just one bad thing after another.  This person is a believer, but not very strong.

Today he went to the doctor to get the all clear for his operation.  After going to the doctor, he was told that his heart was enlarged and that he would need to have immediate surgery to keep him from having a heart attack.

For him and many others, life seems like one bad thing after another.  We constantly question why bad things happen.  It is hard to give someone comfort when they keep going through major trials in their life.  For some people it seems like life wants to keep kicking them when they are down.

How to find hope in life when you keep fighting one bad thing after another.

When we are in the eye of the storm, we just want out.  We can't see the light on the other side.  Our mind does not want to keep fighting the fight.  Our souls are tired and we want to give up.

John 1:5 tells us “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

When we are going through our darkest hour, we need to keep our hope.  Jesus is our light and we need him to see through the darkness.  Even if our struggles continue, we should find comfort in knowing that Jesus is with us.

As long as we have hope in Jesus, there will be a light in our darkness.  A comfort in our struggle.  We cannot stop one bad thing after another from happening.  It is how we work through the bad thing that will comfort us in our time of need.