Friends you have nothing in common with quickly become evident when you develop your relationship with God. You don't have to express your faith to your buddies, as they will see it radiating from you.

Friends become jealous and will challenge you with temptation, and even manipulation. They know that you'll have nothing in common with them, and fear that you'll judge their deeds.

Be happy you now know who you are dealing with when your friend has no tolerance for your faith. Turn your cheek, don't defend yourself, and walk away.

They won't listen when you have nothing in common

There is no amount of words expressed that will cause a person to listen when they don't tolerate your faith. Save your words for a person who will hear them.

Keep in mind; it does not matter how much wealth we have on earth. The bible even states that a poor man is likely to be far richer in heaven than a rich man here on earth. We must swallow our pride and humble ourselves. We need to show mercy to others. Strive for a pure heart. Working hard for peace is pleasing to God.

Life changes when we connect with Christ. We are like a bright lamp, when previously dim or dark.

Our relationship, with God and our friends, is tested when we go from dim/dark to bright. Our friends likely shared our dim or dark ways, and now don't relate to us as we become a bright light. We are the salt of the earth.

And, as we become more like children, we have less in common with those burdened by the work of evil. Jesus tells us to love our enemies, and pray for those who persecute you! We are to be more like children to our Father in heaven.

This post is based on Matthew 5 and follows my previous post, ‘Denying Satan in my daily walk with Christ (Matthew 4)'.