As believers, we should not try to make others sin.  Sometimes our human nature gets the best of us and puts us in situations where we set up another person to sin.  We cannot force anyone to sin; this is why God gave us free will.  Everyone of us chooses to sin. We must stay within the boundaries that God lays out for us in the Bible.

As Americans, we have rights.  What is important to remember is that our rights come from God.  Our rights do not come from man.  If this is true as outlined in our nations founding documents, then why are some individuals dead set on forcing their lifestyles on others?

If you haven't familiarized yourself with Jack Phillips, then you should.  This Christian baker was exercising his Constitutional God given right to not participate in an event.  This event was a same-sex marriage in which Christianity calls a sin.   In this case, two individuals petitioned the court to force Jack to sin by making them a cake for their wedding.  Since Jack was being forced to participate in the wedding, the couple was forcing Jack to sin.  Jack had no problem serving these individuals as fellow human beings and customers.  When the service request crossed the line into going against the Bible, Jack drew a line.  Jack stood firm on his core convictions of scripture and declined to participate in the sinful act.

Acts 5:29 NASB  But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men.

You should not make others sin.

Regardless what the laws of man are, we are commanded to follow God's word.  Not only follow God's word but put honoring his word above any laws created by man.  When the couple tried to force Jack to bake a wedding cake for them, the tried to make others sin by their actions.  You can argue about rights and freedoms and laws.  But when it comes down to God's law, there are no exceptions.  God does not care if we think that the boundaries that he sets are fair.  God defines what is right, what is good and what is holy.  As Christians, we follow the example that Jesus showed for us.

Jesus may have hung out with sinners that were outcasts of the society that they lived in.  One thing that I know for sure that Jesus didn't do was engage in the act that these sinners chose to fall into.  Jesus may have hung out with prostitutes, tax collectors, thieves, but he didn't act like them.  He most certainly didn't support their sinful lifestyle.  In contrast, he approached these people to show them that what they were doing was wrong.  He wanted them to see that his way was better than their way.  If we are to reach the lost, we cannot act like them.  We cannot engage in sinful events that are counter to God.  In Jack Phillips' situation, he is as graceful as possible while at the same time retaining his moral obligations to Biblical parameters.