Imagine your boss sending you out to do your work with no money, no clothes, not even shoes. Good news! You are allowed to accept generosity as you do your work.

Jesus sent the Twelve Apostles out in just this fashion. He told them to go from community to community so that they may heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out deamons.

No money, no clothes, not even shoes but a blessing

You are to give each home you enter a blessing, provided the homeowners are welcoming. Did I mention you are being sent into communities that are distracted with activities that are unfavorable to you?

Think of it as though you are a Trump supporter hanging out in one of the protests happening during the Presidential Inauguration. There are a few people who will embrace your differences in viewpoints, but will you be able to find them?

Of course, during your journey, you face people who will talk down to you, and maybe even physically abuse you, but you keep going.

“Look, I am sending you out as Sheep among wolves. So be as shrewd as snakes and harmless a doves.” – Mathew 10:16 NLT

Imagine telling this crowd that you are a faithful Christian. Will the Christian marchers stand with you, or will they turn their back to you?

Those who are demanding tolerance will have little tolerance for you, but you continue on refusing to deny your faith.

Will you find those with kind hearts, that are generous people?

I read that a Waitress had marched with the women on Saturday, protesting President Trump.

Three Trump supporters entered her restaurant, and she treated them with respect.

Kindness to those who oppose produces $450 tip

They paid with a credit card, and left her a note along with a $450 tip. The note thanked her for her kindness and great service, even though they know she disagreed with them politically.

We don't have to treat each other with disrespect. Look what happens when we take care of one another with no expectations.

When we are strong while showing respect, we know that our soul is solid no matter what happens.

Not too long ago, I met up with a new friend who is a committed Christian unafraid to tell the world.

I suggest to her that she tone down her voice in public and online because she is launching a new business. She did not quiet her voice. Instead, she moved me from being a fan of Jesus to being a follower. She challenged me to speak up as she does, and this is the result.

“Everyone who acknowledges me publicly here on earth, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.” – Matthew 10:32 NLT

Are you going to speak up?