Last night, my pastor at Church did a sermon on “A Blue Christmas.” His sermon spoke to many Christmas seasons of before, but not this one. This Christmas season hasn't started for me as of yet. There are too many things that are ongoing that have caused me to overlook this holiday when I should be looking forward.

Christmas, let alone a Blue Christmas is not my focus as of yet. I am focused on my prayer life, and I am seeking God almost continually asking him for guidance and healing. Apparently, he is answering giving me the strength to write having a little less stress and pain in my hands and arms. That is why I can deliver the most recent blog posts.

It is still a Blue Christmas for me, and for my kids as we have issues hanging over us. Struggles that make it somewhat challenging to be a family unit, and at the same time we are all finally getting some time together.

I am scared, however, as I don't know what is in my near future. Yes, faith is of the utmost importance, and all focus is there. Hopefully, it is enough. We'll soon find out.

Fortunately, blessings are coming as I've learned to share my struggles with others as well as seeking guidance. That is something I have never done well.

Blue Christmas Sermon

Ironically, in the Blue Christmas sermon, my pastor listed all the issues that might cause you to have a Blue Christmas. He talked about lack of a relationship, struggles with health, financial burdens and strained extended relations with others impacting my life. Every single issue resides in my house.

My Pastor Shared this verse: “Don't worry about anything, instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.” – Philippians 4:6 NLT

He summed up everything by seeking the “Prince of Peace,” to be with Jesus. Let Him be with us during this holiday. We are not supposed to worry about anything and everything.

My prayers are frequent seeking God, telling Him that I am thankful for the growth in my family, allowing us to come closer together. I am so appreciative of the strength he is giving me to work through the tension and write these words.

Hopefully, this Blue Christmas won't be so blue after all with a little help from our Wonderful Counselor when we need him most.