Why do many Church Leaders condemn marketing in their Congregation? Ironically, many are struggling to understand poor attendance, or even loss of membership.

Congregations using marketing plans are those who have a growing membership, recognizing the tools God gives us.

Church leaders in my former Church do not believe in marketing the church. The Congregation used to have thousands of members, but now attendance is down to the lower hundreds.

This Church recently began a renovation and addition to part of the facility, with leadership anticipating that they will increase membership with the new facility.

It is my opinion that the Church is making a huge mistake undertaking this addition. The new facility degrades appearance to the current building. In addition, the Church already is missing the budget by hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

And, this Church still does not have a plan in place. They say they are against marketing in the Church. How then are they going to bring anyone to Christ?

Why do certain Church Leaders oppose Marketing Plans?

Christians who oppose Marketing strategies in the Church are likely to point to the following scripture.

 Then, going over to the people who sold doves, he told them, “Get these things out of here. Stop turning my Father's house into a marketplace!”

John 2:16

Was he saying that we are not to market to those who do not know God? I don't think so. Marketing is prevalent in The Bible show us how to share our faith.

Jesus is upset with vendors selling inside the temple area lining their pockets with profits selling sacrificial animals.

Placing the Bible in pews, service bulletins, Church websites, and outreach programs are all forms of market strategies, so why can't we have a plan?

Our Clergy must recognize the value of marketing plans. After all, we're not talking about making the Church a marketplace. We are focusing on leading others to Christ.