From the very beginning, God stated man is not meant to be alone. God created a woman as mans helper and companion. It is in the second chapter of the book of Genesis.

The book of Genesis is the beginning of the Bible and the beginning of everything. And right from the beginning, God made it clear that man is not meant to be alone.

My first sermon at the Church I attend is about community.

“Man is not meant to be alone” – First scripture at my church

The message on a community, and the first scripture being, “It is not good for the man to be alone.” – Genesis 2:18a NLT, impacted me as I believe I am meant to be alone after failed marriages and relationships.

My progression in faith is a realization that none of my marriages or relationships were Biblical, and I have yet to have one that is Biblical.

Not everyone is meant to have a relationship if we go according to the Old Testament and consider the eunuchs. But, is that what Jesus wants for us?

After all, Jesus was never married. Is it possible that some of us are not meant to be in a relationship or to be married.

Could it be that God intends that Man is not supposed to be alone, in that man is surrounded by community, and does not necessarily need a marriage?

Why isn't our relationship with God enough? Is it because he wants us to go out and reach others to bring them to Him?

The man is not meant to be alone, but if a person is engaged in his Church and community, isn't that enough? Maybe even more than sufficient in that you have more time to reach others?

What is your thought? Is marriage what God wants for us, or is he good with us not being married?