Many people think low-self esteem is only present in individuals who overcompensate by being perfect in everything they do so that they hide who they are.

Those who underwhelm are often suffering from low self-esteem as well. You could include me in this group, as I will often subconsciously underwhelm so that I am more “normal” in my mind. It never works.

Those like me who are struggling with low self-esteem have a hard time accepting compliments and affection from others when given but, sometimes we long for it when not offered. Most always, we feel we do not deserve either.

Relationships suffer because low self-esteem causes us to pass on people who we think are too good for us, or who we feel deserve better. We end up in not so healthy relationships instead of being with a right partner willing to help us be better versions of us.

And then some of us end up with nobody at all. Being in a relationship that is healthy is scary to us. We would be pushed to move out of the comfort zone.

So, what do you do to overcome low self-esteem?

Simply asking the question is a significant step in overcoming low self-esteem. Asking the question means we have an awareness of this issue.

Some suggest that asking questions, becoming more inquisitive about what we lack is a great start. We have the chance to see ourselves differently, without having someone tell us there is nothing wrong with us.

Another suggestion is to document our successes. To look at them when we think of ourselves as not deserving.

Documenting our successes is fine, provided we also look at our failures and balance them out. Balance is the key to building our self-esteem.

You are probably wondering where Christ is in all of this. Shouldn't we let God handle this issue, and everything will be alright?

As indeed he says in Hosea, “Those who were not my people I will call ‘my people,’ and her who was not beloved I will call ‘beloved.’” Romans 9:25 ESV

God will help us with our self-esteem, provided we are willing to help ourselves.

I chose to start following Christ about six months ago. My commitment means much is expected of me, more than I have ever been willing to give before.

To be a follower of Christ, I must do his work. I have limbs that are fine, a mind that is sharp, and a big heart when it comes to people who I can help. He expects me to use all of my talents and abilities, and who am I to question what he knows I am capable of doing?

God's blessings require action on my part. Lacking in self-esteem is not entirely trusting in God. If I am to be the follower I want and am committing to be, I must accept what God is giving me in my life. He will take care of my self-esteem as soon as I am willing to give it to Him.

Too afraid to give your self-esteem to God?

I get it, and He gets it. He's patient and loving even when you don't do what he wants for you. Don't worry about what is in the past, focus on today and what he has to offer you. Soon enough he will take over, and everything will change.

I can say this because everything has changed for me, and it continues to get better with every little inch I give to Him. Soon, I will give him my self-esteem to take care of for me.

Special Note: I am very transparent with my posts on GodinMe.Faith. I don't need you to accept me or to feel anything for me as I am relying on God totally for that.

I am being open and revealing for the one person who is struggling. The one who will connect with my words and find hope and peace with my thoughts I am sharing with you.

Please drop me a note using the contact link. Knowing I am helping others makes this all worth the effort. Thanks for reading.