When I was a kid, we used to play tug of war.  The game was fun because you had to be stronger than your opponent to win.  There were only one winner and one loser.  You couldn't cut the rope in half and compromise on the game.  I think back to the game I played during my childhood and how it applies to my life.  When I think of the word compromise, the first thing that comes to mind is compromising values.

Look no farther than politics.  It is impossible to compromise.  When you have a core value, you either stand firm on it or let it melt away.  Just like when you play the game tug of war, you either get what you want or lose everything.  There is no winning a little bit or losing a little bit.  Only win or lose, no middle ground.  The same can be applied to our life as a Christian.  Do you follow the Bible or do you cave into temptation?  Falling for temptation just one bit is a sin.  There is no such thing as a little sin or a partial sin.  A sin is a sin.

James 4:17 NASB Therefore, to one who knows theright thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin.

Sin is a tug of war not compromise.

The reason why I say sin is a tug of war is that we are pulled both ways.  Satan exploits our sinful nature by tempting us to sin.  In our mind, we know something is wrong, so we resist.  Sometimes we win when we fight the temptation and reject the sin.  Other times we lose because we give into sin.  See there is no compromise with sin.  We can say that a little bit of something is ok.  If any part of our action is sinful, the entire act is a sin.

It seems as though far too many people want to compromise on issues.  God does not want us to compromise on his values.  He wants us hot or cold.  Meaning that he wants us to support or oppose a behavior firmly.  Take the issue of abortion for example.  One cannot be pro-abortion before 20 weeks but anti-abortion after 20 weeks.  There is no way to justify killing a child one week and fighting to save them another.  The issue of abortion is an example of hot or cold.  You either support abortion 100%, or you are against it 100%.  If you support abortion in certain circumstances, then you support abortion.

The example of abortion can feed the same storyline as gay marriage, premarital sex, pornography, drug addiction, overeating, etc.  No matter what issue you face, you are also faced with a decision.  Just remember in God's eyes, our choices are a tug of war for right or wrong.  There is no compromise in God's eyes.