Do you utilize your vulnerability is a source of strength? How many times have you walked away from what you want most because your pride got in the way?

Becoming vulnerable releases you to share your emotions, and let others know how you feel. You might not get what you want, but you are free to move forward, letting go that which holds you back.

There are people in my life who will say the opposite of what they want to say because they are too afraid, to tell the truth. Is that you? Admittedly, sometimes I won't say what I mean because of fear.

People deny the truth for many reasons, such as being rejected. Or, others will do it out of spite. Some people do it because they don't want you to know what they are thinking. How is that supposed to help?

Why then, do we deny others, ourselves, and even God? It's not like they won't know, we won't know, but God knows! Why then, do we cause unnecessary pain?

Our vulnerabilities strengthens our defense against denial.

How are we ever to grow if we are in denial? Telling people one thing and meaning another keeps us from receiving help from others?

What about the energy invested into covering your tracks? The stress that comes with keeping everything inside, and a secret. How is that living? Releasing your vulnerability gives you the option, to be honest. You can work towards solutions, instead of always running, or covering up that which haunts you.

Just think if you are willing to let others in, how much your life will change. More importantly, what will happen if you admit to God. What do you think he will do for you? How much more will he give you for coming clean with him? Why not come clean with God? He already knows anyway. Do you think he does not know what makes you vulnerable?

I've learned that God is with us all the time. He is with everyone, and he never leaves us, but we deny him. Even those who are doing the evilest things have God with them, and we can call on him with an immediate response if we are willing to listen.

But, avoiding our vulnerabilities is denying God. It is welcoming Satan to do his work.

Those of us who avoid God will easily avoid human relationships too. Hardened people are destructive with those they care about most. We hurt those that we want in our life so that we aren't at risk for heartache or disappointment in the future. Instead, we live in despair and rejection that never happened in the first place.

That does not sound very smart, does it? So why do we do it, and how do we release our vulnerabilities?

We have to trust God completely. We have to surrender to him, and let him take control. Giving him complete control is difficult, and few of us will ever be able to accomplish this entirely. We are after all human, and that's why God sent Jesus to save us.

“Stop lying to each other; tell the truth, for we are parts of each other and when we lie to each other we are hurting ourselves.” -Ephesians 4:25

I know that holding our vulnerabilities tight makes for a painful daily walk so that we can avoid pain later. How ironic that we do so many things for immediate pleasure, and at the same time, avoid other things and accepting the pain today.

We have power over our fear. I have power over my fear. It stays with me because I refuse to let it go. Satan is at work, and he has the grip over things that scare us. We have to let it go, and let God take control.

We've got some work to do don't you think? I know I do. It is time for me to take the next step, and release some more of my vulnerabilities. I need to move them over to God and be careful not to take them back from him. I hope you will do the same.