Letting go of your deepest secret opens the door to free yourself from stresses and anxiety. I know that because I kept a secret for forty-seven years. Letting go opened the door to enjoy my life without the burdens of the secret.

I let go of my lifelong secret before becoming a follower of Christ. I was a believer, but I wasn't committed like I am today.

My secret went public, and I share today, not because I need you to know, but because others need my help to deal with my secret.

Letting go of my deepest secret came at a cost. I lost friends because they thought they knew me and found out they did not know me at all.

I understand that, because I spent a lifetime in protective mode, keeping everyone, including my family from finding out who I am, and what my struggles are.

Many people were shocked when they found out my deepest secret as they would have never guessed. Most individuals who share my struggle are thought to be liberal and non-Christian.

My deepest secret is my struggle that I have had with Gender Dysphoria. It still haunts me today, despite learning to be comfortable in my biological gender.

Last week proved particularly challenging for me, as I thought I could put this behind me, but I can't. It will always be a part of who I am.

“Happy are the pure in heart.” (Matthew 5:8)

Reveal your deepest secret and let go of conflict

The conflict last week is deciding to share this story in a place where I can help others who are struggling with Gender Dysphoria. The stress of continuing to admit and share this side of me put me in an awful place.

Last week's struggle proved difficult, as sometimes I wish my deepest secret would have never come out, but as I look back, even this battle turned out to be a blessing.

My challenge wasn't that I desired to act out, but that I want to put the Gender Dysphoria behind me.

Alcohol is not a vice of mine, but I wonder if recovering alcoholics have a similar experience?

“Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord.” (Lamentations 3:40)

Alcoholics have sponsors, people who understand their struggles. There is no sponsor for my battle, so I went to prayer, and am relying on God to be my sponsor. I should have gone to Him first.

Ultimately, there are a lot of issues that leave us without sponsors. That's why having God on our side is the best way to deal with these matters. We just have to be strong enough to reach out in prayer, and accept His answer.

You are a work in progress, and it will get better, I know, it does. He will help you get through this.