Today, I let go of a huge crutch in my life. Letting go means closing the door on an important chapter and moving on with nothing left as a reminder.

You would think that removing this huge crutch would leave me with emptiness. I did not experience this feeling, at least over closing this chapter, but I do feel uneasy over other issues.

It seems as though I am letting go of quite a bit, lately. Maybe this is God's way of making room for what he has planned for me? Hopefully, something better than what is going away.

I feel like I am working toward swallowing my pride and humbling myself. Do you think God might be wanting me to let go of a huge crutch that I haven't thought of yet? Maybe that's why all of these challenges are happening?

It does seem that He is removing my go-to support centers. I'm not sure why, but they are quickly disappearing.

Is that another lesson on how to let go of a huge crutch? Is he bringing me even closer, and putting less trust and reliance in human relationships?

Let go of a huge crutch for myself

Somehow I have this selfish thought, “If I work towards doing what is pleasing to God, he will surely remove these burdens from me,” but then I realize that there is nothing that I can do or give to him that he does not already have. Everything I am doing right now is for me, and I'm not focused on what he wants.

When you think about all of our actions, be it sin, or good deeds, they are all done to and for humans as stated in the Book of Job.

“No, your sins only affect people like yourself, and your good deeds also affect only humans.” – Job 35:8 NLT

Maybe I just need to spend more time in prayer, and less time thinking about the next huge crutch?