Do you ever feel like you are juggling life?  I sure do.  Some days, there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done.  Over packed schedules leave us in panic mode.

So tonight I went to the night time city market in our down town.  I have never been there before, and it was quite entertaining.  Lots of good food, produce vendors, craft vendors and everything in between.  The everything in between is what caught my attention tonight.  So a guy walked into a store and bought three light up balls that were a little bit smaller than a tennis ball.  The balls lit up green, blue and red.  He proceeded outside to the road to start juggling the balls.  First, he put a tip jar on the ground in front of him.  People started gathering around waiting to see a show.

I watched as the man began to juggle the balls.  First, he juggled the three balls in front of him.  Then he decided to get cute and pass one under his leg and around.  This technique only lasted for a few seconds as the juggler quickly dropped one of the balls.  Taking his attention off of the one ball led to another to drop and finally, the third ball fell as well.  The balls rolled and scattered different directions.  The man frantically began chasing his balls.  First, he chased the closest ball.  Secondly, he chased the next closest ball.  When the time came to grab the third ball, it had rolled across the street thirty feet away.  The ball ended up between a gentleman's feet standing on the other side of the road.

Realizing the last ball was a great distance away, he began to run.  Instead of asking the gentleman if he could retrieve his ball, he decided to go behind the man and reach between his legs.  Realizing what was going on, the man jumped out of the way.  This hysterical juggling act entertained us for nearly ten minutes.

Juggling life has its challenges.

When we are juggling life, don't we end up getting in some pretty embarrassing situations?  We keep juggling life as the man did with the three balls.  When we start taking our eyes off of the main thing, everything heads for disaster.  First, one thing falls, then another and another.  Our life begins to deteriorate faster than falling dominoes.  Do you find yourself running like crazy chasing your challenges?  Sometimes our challenges get us in awkward places, just like the juggler.

When we keep God as the main thing, we stay focused on the good in our life.  When we start to juggle life and its many crazy challenges, we lose course.  The tasks become too great because of the imbalances in our life.  Instead of focusing our life on God, we try to juggle God in our life.

Proverbs 11:1 NASB A false balance is an abomination to the LordBut a just weight is His delight.