Do you find yourself being judged by others? Maybe you are judging others. I know some people criticize me for who I am. But, I've also criticized others for who they are. It just happens, even though it is not something I am proud of doing.

Matthew 7:1 tells us not to Judge others, and we will not be judged. Well, how good are you at walking the walk when it comes to judgment?

I have to catch myself when I do make this mistake. Fortunately, it is often only in thought and does not slip from my lips. Still, that doesn't make it right, and God knows I've already done it without saying anything.

The truth is, we all do wrong. We rate the things we do wrong, and then compare our mistakes to the actions of others. We think ours is a lesser offense. Unfortunately, we are only fooling ourselves wrong doing is wrong doing.

Judging others earns us the right to be judged, regardless of liking it or not.

Many self-identified Christians judge non-believers. We give ourselves permission. But, again the Bible tells us not to make a judgment.

Being Judged by unholy people

“Don't waste what is holy on people who are unholy” – Matthew 7:6

If someone turns on us because we are Christian, we need not spend time on them. That means we need not defend our belief's, nor should we make the judgment on them for not believing. Instead, we should let go of them and spend our efforts on those that are non-judgemental of us.

Best to spend time with those are open to the possibility of a relationship with Christ than someone who spends their time challenging our faith, wishing to pry us away from what is right.

We need to live by the Golden rule at all times.

“Do to others whatever you like them to do to you.” – Matthew 7:12

We don't want judgment placed on us, so avoid placing judgment.