God's house is not for the holier than thou, but for the broken ones. The people who are the do-no-wrong type have just as much baggage like everyone else.

But, the individuals who are the do-no-wrong types face a greater challenge to finding their way into heaven.

We all are the broken ones

Humans commit sin, we are all broken. We judge people, even when we think we don't. We make mistakes and do wrong despite knowing better.

Jesus walked amongst those considered not worthy and thought to be worthless. He chose to go amongst the troubled, leading them to God.

You can put others down, gossip about them, look down on them, and if they are a follower of Christ, what you do will not matter. Followers of Christ are only concerned about God's judgment.

Think about that before you judge another. Think about what Jesus would say about your actions. Are you doing what Jesus would do?

Reading the Bible cover-to-cover, attending Bible study, listening to the awesome sermons at church and participating in Celebrate Recovery is teaching me not to judge anyone.

I used to look down on people who admitted to being an alcoholic or drug addict. I looked down on people with “homeless” signs standing alongside the road.

We are all the broken ones

My journey with Christ changed how I see others. I no longer look down on others. I have respect for those who have overcome their challenges.

People who cause me grief no longer rattle me when they say or do things that show disrespect. I know that God is the only one whose judgment matters.

Focusing on my relationship with Christ gives me great peace, and strengthens me against those who wish harm towards me.

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed” Psalms 34:18 NLT

Best of all, no matter what someone does to me, I do not carry resentment back towards them. I find myself praying for people who do not have my best interest in mind so that they might find the same peace I have found in my relationship with Christ.

God's house is not for the holier than thou; it is for the broken who are seeking him.