Faith, Hope, and Love. We know the greatest of these is love. But, how many of us focus on love, but instead channel our attention to faith, and maybe hope?

I know that my focus is on faith, and I've struggled with showing love. Showing love makes us vulnerable, and many of us don't want to risk being hurt by others. Oddly enough, when we fail to show love, we hurt ourselves, being caught up with our feelings turning into frustration and anxiety.

Guilty as charged, the tension is intense, and the sentence is isolation when you fail to show love to others.

Failing to show love is failing to be loved, by others. Yes, God loves us, but he expects more of us, and for us. He wants us to show love, and to be loved.

Not only are we talking about a spouse, but your friends, neighbors, and community. When you don't show love, love is not coming back to you. You might feel as though it is punishment, that's not the case.

People show love to others when they know it is needed, and if you are unwilling to be vulnerable, you are reluctant to let others know that you need them. They can not see what you need, and more importantly what you have to offer.

Faith, Hope, and Love – The greatest of these is love

Faith, hope, and love are all important, but our focus must be first on love. Love breaks down barriers opening the door for faith and hope.

“But the greatest of these is love” – 1 Corinthians 13:13

There is no better example of why I've lived with so much frustration, even after developing my relationship with Christ. I have been ignoring love, pulling away whenever love entered the picture. Not willing to burden others with what I have to offer so that they need be obligated to me.

Our guest pastor asked, “Without love, where would you be now?” I have the answer to that question, right where I am at now, and I need to learn how to love others, how to show them the love that others show me. It is time to go to work, and embrace others, showing them who I am and how I feel towards them.

God does not want us to be alone, and he wants us to have others in our life. He does not want us to be alone, despite never being alone knowing He is always with us.

Pray for me, as I learn to show love to others, and accept love from them in return. Faith, hope, and love – The greatest of these is love.