Good people do good deeds for others right? If you have a paper and pen handy, write down the names of five people who you see as good people. These people can be anyone you choose. The list can include family members, friends, celebrities or anyone that you see worth of putting on the list. After you think of five people, continue reading this blog.

So how did you do with your list? Did you measure people by their good deeds? How about their attitudes? What qualities do you see in these people that make them good people? I'm sure that you came up with some people that had a positive impact on your life. It is pretty easy to come up with a list of good people. Now take that same list and think about how God would view these same individuals? Are they good people according to God's definition of good?

Luke 18:19 NASB “And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone.”

When we read Luke 18:19, it gives us a new perspective on what it means to be good people. When Jesus himself, the Son of God, says “no one is good except for God alone,” that gives the term good a whole new meaning. I know this verse impacted my thoughts on what it meant to be a good person. I could name off a lot of individuals whom I deemed good people. The bottom line is anyone who sins is not good in God's eyes. And the truth of the matter is that everyone sins.

Do good deeds by good people get them into heaven?

I am sure you have heard people tell you that they are a good person.  Surely you can get to heaven by doing good deeds. After all, being kind to others is in the Bible. Remember to love thy neighbor? We like to cherry pick verses out of the Bible that fit our needs and desires. Almost everyone would agree that we should be good people. Loving, caring and always sharing like I tell my children.

It is sad to see people wondering through life thinking that they can do good things to get into heaven. Our goodness can never outweigh our sins. One sin with a million good deeds is still a straight ticket to hell unless we seek forgiveness. Forgiveness can only be found in the blood shed by Jesus on the cross.

If you think you think that there are good people out there, think again. Some sinners do good God-honoring things, but there are no good people. Jesus even told us this in the book of Luke. Let's humble ourselves and rejoice in the grace that has been shown to us by a loving God.