When we think of ugly people, we are usually quick to judge people by their outward appearance.  We nitpick certain aspects of their body to highlight as what we deem ugly.  In our minds, we see ugliness skin deep.  Our society emphasizes ugliness in everything we see and do.  So what are ugly people in God's eyes?

God loves us all because he created us.  When God created each and every one of us, he made us the way he wanted us to be. The only thing that makes us ugly people in God's eyes is a sin.  When we sin, we become imperfect.  Our lives are tainted with darkness, and we are separated from God.  Ugly people in God's eyes are sinners without forgiveness.  God's one and only son Jesus came to earth to die for our sins to get rid of the ugliness in our lives.  All we have to do is accept his gift.

Changing the way we identify ugly people.

This may sound obvious, but we should not judging others.  Judging others only leads to more ugliness in our lives.  What we should be doing is working on getting the sin out of our lives.  There are a few good ways to get the ugliness out of our lives.

  • Pray for forgiveness of our sins.  When asking God for help with the wrongs in our life, he will deliver.  Now keep in mind that our timing is not always God's timing.  Through prayer, God will always forgive your sins.  He will also work with you to make your life better.  I truly believe that with God anything is possible.
  • Read the word of God.  When we read our Bible, we can see what God wants for our life.  If we go about life trying to do good, without reading the Bible, we will fall short.  The Bible must be our road map for how we live our lives.  Anything that you need to know or any trial you face, you will find direction in the Bible.
  • Be positive throughout your life.  When you are positive, you make it harder for Satan to take over and consume your life.  One of the easiest ways into your life is through a bad attitude.  Bad attitudes hamper all good things that can work in your life.
  • Surround yourself with your brothers and sisters in Christ.  Being around other Christians will support your spiritual journey and help keep your life in check.  We need accountability from others to remind us to stay strong in the Lord.  Others may see something that we are doing that is counter to Biblical teaching.  Having accountability helps get us back on track.

1 John 1:7 NASB “but if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin.”

Letting go of the ugliness.

If you want to get rid of the ugliness in your life, you need God.  You are not going to find resolve for your ugliness through anything that you can do on your own.  God must surround every journey that we are on in our life.  When we try to walk alone, we will always fail.

God has big plans for each and every one of us.  When we get rid of ugliness in our lives, we make it easier for God to do his work.  This doesn't mean that God doesn't use ugly people from time to time.  When we are the light in the world, we shine.  No longer are we covered by darkness, but we become a beacon for God's work in this ugly world.

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