My original life plan, get married to a beautiful and lovingly wife. Have kids. Own a lovely home with a picket fence. And, have a job I loved with the freedom to spend time with my family.

The woman I married would love me as much as I loved her, and she would stay with me until death do us part. I didn't believe in divorce, having grown up with parents that will be together until the day they die.

That didn't happen! Okay, I did get married, and I thought I had a daughter, but that's where it fell apart. We ended up divorced, something that happened two additional times.

God was not a part of my first two marriages, but I dabbled with him being a part of my third. At least on the surface, which I now know, is not what Christ has in mind for a healthy marriage.

My third marriage ended nearly three years previous, and I have yet to date. I have not been ready to be the kind of guy for the type of woman I want in my life.

My last marriage included bringing two children into my life, who are my focus. Fortunately, I am introducing them to a relationship with Christ now.

Being the right person to get married again

I doubted I would ever become the kind of man necessary to get the kind of woman that would make me happy. That's changed, as I realize there is a possibility that God will show me a different way.

In October, I returned to Church, and more importantly I finally developed a personal relationship with God. Something I had never done before.

I am one of those people who “believe in God,” but did not “believe God.” That's changed. And, while I have a long journey, I believe that God will guide me through. We will be one of those┬áthat prays together and stays together.

“Since they are no longer two but one, let no one split apart what God has joined together” – Matthew 19:6

I am finally blessed with a relationship with God, and a core group of supportive people who are helping me to make the right kind of changes necessary to be who I am.

Yes, I have my setbacks, but my priorities and walk have me moving towards the greatest blessing a guy could have.

I am so thankful for all that the Lord is doing for my family and me. He's introduced a core group of people who are helping me to change my ways, to help me to be the kind of person I must be to have the person that is right for me.

Lord, I am so grateful for your love and support. Amen.