Are you having a struggle because of friends who turned their back on you? Doesn't feel right, does it?

There are many reasons why friends choose to abandon each other. It might be that they are Christian and believe that you are sinning, and they are not to walk amongst those who sin. The problem is, it is a sin to judge others!

It is also possible that you are developing a new relationship with Christ, and are sharing your faith. Secularists are known to turn their back on those who are expressing their faith for any number of reasons.

Ironically, it is often those who claim that they are tolerant of others who are not tolerant of believers in Christ.

In both scenarios, your former friends are more than likely to disappear quietly. Chances are, they are uncomfortable with admitting why they are no longer your friend.

Friends who turned their back on me

I have friends who turned their back to me in both situations in the past year. It doesn't feel good, but it doesn't change my faith. I am a follower of Christ and am willing to wear my faith on my sleeve, no matter the cost.

For me, I have no doubt and am confident in my decisions. My actions taught me who will stand by me, and who will abandon me.

Matthew 10:22 – And all nations will hate you because you are my followers. But everyone who endures to the end will be saved.

The experience makes me even more confident in my faith, and I know that God has my back.

Thank God that you now know who will stand with you, and then offer forgiveness to those that walked away. Make peace, and then move on without harboring ill will.

Wearing your faith on your sleeve attracts like-minded Christians. You'll have more time to find others who share your walk today.

Yes, it will feel awkward without your former friends at first, but it won't be long, and you'll find comfort in your strengthened relationship with Christ. He will always be there with you.