How are we at following the leader?  I remember playing follow the leader as a child.  It was a game where you would imitate what the leader of your group was doing.  You would repeat what they said and go through the motions like they did.  Your objective was to resemble them as much as possible.

As Christians how are we at following the leader?  Do we have a clear understanding of who the leader is?  When I say who is the leader of your Church, are you quick to name off a pastor, priest or some other humanly figure?

If we are Christians, the answer to the above question should be simple.  Our leader is Christ.  Being a Christian means being a Christ follower.  How can we be a Christ follower if we follow man instead of God?  Just let that set in for a few.

We should be forming our lives and actions around Jesus.  We should be trying to mirror him in as many ways possible.  Following the leader means we should follow Jesus.

Leadership in Churches should be there to support our walk with Christ.  Through their teachings and actions, we should be pointed back to Christ. If the leadership that governs your flock leads you to believe that you must put your trust and faith in them, then they are not Christ-like.  You can see this happening in many Christian denominations.  Instead of leading you to God without restraint, they intervene and push you toward trusting in them instead.

1 Peter 2:21 NASB “For you have been called for this purpose, since Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example for you to follow in His steps”

Following the leader of Christ.

When Jesus was here on earth, he gave us many examples to follow.  Everything from how we treat others to how we should worship God the father.  Anything that separates us from God is sin.

The devil is very good at deceit.  He uses false teachers all of the time to lead people away from God.  Satan loves to drive wedges in our spiritual life.  Satans ultimate goal is to lead as many souls away from God as possible before he ends up in hell.

Our salvation depends on following the right leader.  Choosing a life outside of a direct relationship with Jesus will lead you straight to hell.  Don't be fooled into worshiping a false God or listening to false teachers.