Do you feel like everyone is expecting you to donate money to this project and that project?  There is always a good reason to give money, and the ask for donations will never end.  I know that personally, I get tired of being asked to donate money every time I turn around.  I understand that non-profits are struggling now.  Church donations are continuing to dwindle each year.  Where do we draw the line and say enough is enough?  Stop badgering us for more money.

I don't want you to take this the wrong way.  I think that it is important to donate money to worthy causes that we support.  What I am however saying is that we cannot be everything to everyone.  One, we would go broke, and two our donations would be so watered down that they would have less and less of an impact.

If you have ever donated to a political organization before, you will understand what I mean.  Your name ends up on some database where it is shared by many other people wanting your money.  This also happens with non-profits as well.  Do you ever wonder why you get countless pieces in the mail begging you for money?  Some kid is always going to go without food, and some dog is always going to go without being adopted.  When we give money to everything because we are guilted into it, our donations become meaningless.

2 Corinthians 9:7 NASB “Each one must do just as he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

Being a cheerful giver when you donate money.

I know a lot of organizations rely on their big donors.  Organizations love to keep coming back to these people over and over for more money.  When you do this to your donors, you end up scaring them away.  They know the need is there for them to step in and help.  You do not have to remind them over and over again constantly.  When you do this, you take away the cheerful giving and turn the money into a guilt trip.  You need to step back and let these people pull the trigger of giving on their own.

Another hindrance to cheerful giving is auto debits.  Non-profits love this because it guarantees them money on the exact time and day.  They don't have to keep working on getting people to donate every month.  Again, when organizations do this, it ruins the cheerful giver.  Instead, it makes a cheerful receiver.  This also shows a lack of faith in God providing for your needs.  If you truly had faith, you wouldn't need to have guaranteed donations coming in.

We should be evaluating our giving each and every time we set out to donate money.  Through prayer, we may be able to give more one month and less on another.  Making our donations based on cheerful giving instead of forced giving makes our gift more meaningful.  Organizations need to stop getting in the way of cheerful giving.  Stop it with the auto debits that make giving another bill instead of a heartfelt gift.