I love going to my church on Sunday to hear the next sermon from Pastor John. He knows what is happening in my life, and tailors the message for me! OK, not really, but it sure seems like it. I have attended every week ever since the first time visiting Antioch in October of 2016.

So, you can imagine my frustration being unable to hear the sermon this past weekend. A couple sitting behind me chose to talk through the entire service. The couple decided not to listen to the message of being neighborly, and even worse, had no concerns for their neighbors sitting next to them.

They sat with another couple who listened to the message and likely invited them as guests to Antioch. At least, I hope that is what happened.

Did their friends feel embarrassed by the inappropriate actions of the couple sitting with them? I would be, and I feel for them.

Pastor John is an engaging preacher who loves God, loves the church and loves all the people who attend. You can't help but know that by the way, he reaches out to each and every one of us. Unfortunately, this couple missed out.

Antioch records the sermon each week and plays them online. I'll be able to catch the parts that I could not hear, but the couple who talked will miss the entire message.

If you are invited to attend Church with someone, please respect them and the other people around you. It is better to decline the invitation then to go and show disrespect by talking through the entire message.

Get up and go out into the lobby if you find it necessary to have a conversation during a service. You will feel better about showing respect to others, and people like me won't feel the need to call you out on forums like this.

As Christians, we want you to know Christ as we know him. We are welcoming you to join us in worship so that you will find in your heart, what we have in our heart. It changed my life, and it can change yours if you are ready to receive what the Lord has to offer.