Satan is challenging me at every turn, ever since I dove into the Bible reading cover-to-cover. Somehow he believes that he will find a lure to turn me away from God, and to own my soul. How wrong he is to think I will do such a thing.

Anyone who wholeheartedly professes belief in God faces a challenge from the Devil. He intensifies his attack as you become closer to Christ, knowing that you are slipping out of his reach. And, at the same time, God tests your faith by letting you stand against Satan.

It is my personal belief that we only measure terrible events by the worst experience we've had. Therefore, what is awful to one, is just a setback to another.

When we let God in, we are letting him prepare us to stand firm against evil in this world, so that we can choose Christ over Satan, no matter how sweet his temptation is.

And when we think we have it bad, we only need to look to the Bible, where Satan challenged Jesus during the fast for forty days and forty nights.

Satan gains power when we try to deny him instead of ignoring him

Jesus stands strong, resisting Satan's temptation multiple times. Satan's badger for Jesus to prove who he is weakens his position as Jesus gives him no credibility.

The Angels came to protect Jesus when he turned the Devil away. Why do we as human's feel the need to prove anything to those who do evil?

After all, evil has no power when we turn our fears away, and walk with confidence towards what is right.

It's becoming clear to me, that I'm getting better at denying evil and accepting Christ in my life.

The content of this post covers the Temptation of Jesus (Matthew 4). My previous post focused on John the Baptist (Matthew 3).